Cuba Ventures Corp.


In August 2017 Cuba Ventures Corp. inaugurated its Fintech division, spearheaded by Alfredo Manresa, a career banking professional who was licensed by the National Bank of Cuba and ran the Havana office of one of Spain’s largest banks.

Since the creation of this division the company began negotiations to obtain an initial 40 million Euros financing capital from three groups;

AL-FAHIM TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, Dubai, UAE founded by Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim with over 300 million in current investments and, an aim to invest 5 billion USD over the next 3 years in multiple sectors including, Fintech, biotech, nanotech, blockchain, energy, software, hardware, etc.

Bhavnani Corp, whose honorary president and legendary investor, Ram Bhavnani, has a keen interest in developing economies such as Cuba.

Vesilen Investment, founded by Cuba Ventures Corp. advisor Bernard Lonis, is a multimillion dollar holding company comprising of numerous tech and real estate businesses such as; Adonis Resorts, Booketea,, Myfulltrip, Canary Pay, Evolupay, etc. Vesilen Investment has participated in two major private placements with Cuba Ventures Corp. and currently controls an insider position in the company.

The company is in the process of developing remittance and payment system Revolupay®, tourism focused crypto currency ₡CU, CubaFIN lending platform and, other disruptive technologies, powered by the blockchain and hashgraph.